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Um Idk if it's just me but I can't even start bcs whenever I press enter nothing happens.


same here

its like a & b on a controller but z & x

PRESS Z\X works


relaxing game :) no windows build ?

web only for now! i'll try to make a windows build soon...

thanks a lot for the reply and I hope you will find time for a windows build :)

Lovely game - I'd also like a downloadable version for keepsakes, if that's still possible aha!

Love this, want @moawko to make this into a shirt.

Game is dope


Very cute fishing game, <3


A really cute game, the music, colours, writing & theme all work really well together.

You gotta tap real fast to reel in a catch, my hands struggled with that but I'll make another fishing trip for sure!


Hooked too. 


I'm totally hooked!


Super cute fishing game! The different types of fish are hilarious, can't wait to catch the rare ones!


Very charming game with nice pixel art! I'll definitely be checking in often to see if I can get all of the fish.